Sochi 2014


2014 saw Salima extending their reach on shores afar after being invited to be involved in the inaugural Russian grand prix in Sochi.

One of Salima’s long standing clients G.L. Seating and Stadia took on the task of installing 30,000 tiered seats around the perimeters of the Sochi circuit. The logistics alone were a mountainous task but the job of installing a first class finished product, within a timescale of only 7 weeks, for what is seen as one of the worlds biggest sports spectaculars was going to be testing.

The project started early August with Salima sending Matiss Krisjanis, one of our site managers, to Russia with a team of skilled seating specialists to start the process of 'prepping' the site for delivery of the grandstand product. At the time this was in the process of being shipped from the UK to the port of St Petersburg and onto what was the host site of the 2014 winter Olympics Sochi.

September they increased the crew numbers so that they totalled 20 crew. The crew consisted of some of our most experienced site managers and plant operatives, they worked using a range of Russian built machinery and a mix of skilled seating specialists. In addition to this the crew were all qualified to work at height on temporary structures with Salima’s Projects Director overseeing every phase of the project.

Salima installed 30,000 tiered seats using GL's matrix system scaffolding and bespoke design decks, risers and seating, over 11 grandstands. This offered the perfect race view on 5 of the turns around the 5.848km street circuit.

During the build the crew constructed stands ranging from 500 to over 5000 seats, some at over 150 meters in length and 10 meters in height. This was achieved using the experience and tailored skill-sets of the crew. Salima worked alongside Russian contractors, teaching them the skills and experience required for future builds of the grandstands in races to come.

The finished product was that of a sold out race, great reviews and media coverage across the world and a feeling of a job well done.  

Salima are proud of our capability to be able to fill any requirements of our clients. When it comes to undertaking projects of this size, the experience within our crew shows that our understanding of the build and dismantle of temporary structures will always be something that we are proud of, and it will remain so for many years to come, no matter where in the world it may take us.

Throughout this project the crew showed a great level of knowledge and maturity, proving that Salima is in a class of it’s own when working with temporary structures of this kind here at home and abroad.

Chris Coles - Projects Director