Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2014

The annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show is one of the most exclusive events on the world calendar. This was the first time the event had been held in the UK, so the pressure was on to deliver a spectacular show that ran perfectly. Salima was contracted by production director Chuck Crampton to supply a team of crew to the backstage area, with all crew-members required to be efficient, discreet and well presented. The success of any fashion show is built on the models themselves, so delivering an immaculate backstage experience for the legendary Victoria’s Secret Angels was Salima’s primary objective. Salima’s crew dealt with the set-up of all the backstage rooms as well as the production load-in for the exclusive pre-show drinks reception and the after show party. Salima’s duties were varied, but all of them were vital to the success of the event and included:

·      Scenery movements

·      Drape rigging

·      Lighting Rigging

·      Furniture load-in and installation

·      Set construction

·      Main stage construction

·      Monitoring refreshment stations

·      Decoration of backstage area

·      Skilled crew including plant operators and riggers

The event showcased the full capabilities of our crew over an 11-day period, with up to 30 crew-members per day deployed and a total of 3,800 hours worked. Salima’s crew ensured that every element was correctly delivered, contributing to one of the most successful and highly publicised shows ever delivered by the Victoria’s Secret brand. 

I had worked with Salima on two previous occasions - both of which were for the Skoda stand at the Goodwood Festival of Speed - so I had no hesitations in bringing them on board to handle the backstage crewing requirements at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2014. Whilst its primary responsibility was for the setting up of rooms in the backstage area and production load-in for the VIP party, the Salima crew extended their duties above and beyond what was expected of them. They ensured that every detail - big or small - was delivered efficiently, even down to monitoring the food and beverage stations to keep them topped up!

Chuck Crampton, Production Director